The Da Vinci Code – The Greatest Story Ever Sold

DVCWhat could there possibly be to say about the biggest selling book in the history of the world? Well do you have an hour to spare, or even more. The Da Vinci Code, with the recent court case for plagiarism and the upcoming movie release, is now in the news more than it has ever been. However this programme was an attempt to deconstruct the book to see exactly what made it tick and if by pulling it apart could you somehow see what goes to make such a hugely successful and hugely profitable book. The show went a great part of the way in showing that what went into make that book wasn't in any sense factual and was, however, what one commentator termed 'pseudo historical fact'. The fact that the Priory of Sion didn't exist until about fifty years ago and that Opus Dei doesn't have monks in its organisation didn't really come as much of a shock. What did, however, was the fact that so many people seem to believe that that these and other so called facts seem to be true. This sense of shock and if not some anger was perhaps best expressed by Brian Sewell when he said that it saddened him to think that people who would have no access to Da Vinci's Last Supper or any reputable scholarly works on it would take at face value what they read in the book that Mary Magdalene was one of the figures in the painting isn't really true. However such is the power that the book has over some people that they take at face value what they read. Luckily what wasn't entirely lost in amongst all the opinions that were flying all over the place is that the book is actually a very good read, extremely well plotted and has benefitted nearly everyone that has had something to do with the book. Even Opus Dei which are seen as somewhat as the villians of the piece have said that they have had a dramatic increase in the amount of interest they are getting on their website all as a result of the book. With no one losing out you can't say fairer than that.
BBC4 Mon 29 May, 20:00-21:00
Subject: Factual; Documentaries
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