Practical Advice on Creating and Maintaining Your Blog (The Weblog Handbook)

The Weblog Handbook: Practical Advice on Creating and Maintaining Your Blog

Book Description
First book to explain how weblogs work. Explores their impact on the media landscape and explains how to chose among the available tools, even walking the beginner through the process of creating their first weblog.

A weblog, or blog, is a frequently updated online personal journal. Boasting a foreword by Blood, a web consultant and creator of Rebecca’s Pocket weblog, We’ve Got Blog is a collection of 34 essays that explore this rapidly growing trend. Contributors include such noted bloggers as Joe Clark, Cameron Barrett, and Giles Turnbull. The discussion covers the history and community of weblogs, contrasts weblogs and traditional journalism, and offers advice on starting a weblog.

If you have been following weblogs for the past few years you’ve probably come across many of these articles online, but having them available in one collection gives them context. A glossary and good references round out this well-edited anthology. Blood’s enthusiasm for the subject carries over to her own work, The Weblog Handbook, which is not the do-it-yourself technique book you might expect. Instead, Blood takes on the role of mentor; she’s been there and done that and has much wisdom to share.

She is eager to convert readers into bloggers and offers good advice on finding one’s voice, observing etiquette, and living online. Unfortunately, a lengthy afterword that focuses on the culture of weblogs seems a better fit for We’ve Got Blog. Appendixes offer a brief glimpse of creating a test weblog and working with links, but this book is written for someone who has flirted with the idea of starting a weblog and feels comfortable jumping right into the format. These titles are unique, as the publishing world is just catching up to the subject of weblogs. (Look for similar publications in the near future.)


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