Kamasutra Clara Morgane : the book

Kamasutra – Clara Morgane True Kama Sutra illustrated with photographs of beautiful Clara Morgane! This work proposes a resolutely modern vision of the one of the largest texts of humanity. Many information and contemporary anecdotes will allow the readers more informed to approach this treaty of the love in a different way. Clara Morgane brings by its figure and its spontaneousness, a key at the same time sensual and tender, erotic and disconcerting.

Part 1
Part 2

  1. Τέλειος αισθησιασμός!

  2. Μαζί με τις οδηγίες σου δίνουν και το μοντέλο για πρακτική;

  3. Χλωμό το κόβω.. 😉

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