National treasure, huh?

Fish and chips, Sherlock Holmes and Monty Python have joined cricket, pubs and red double-decker buses on a growing list of England’s national treasures.More than 350,000 people have voted in a government-backed project to catalog the icons which capture the essence of England.

Other new entries joining the list Tuesday include the Oxford English Dictionary, Robin Hood, the Mini and the long-running BBC Radio 4 soap opera «The Archers.»

«Choosing the things that most represent England has really got the nation’s creative juices going,» said Jerry Doyle, managing director of the Icons project.

The first wave of icons was announced in January. They included Stonehenge, the FA Cup and the humble cup of tea.

The Icons Web site ( has received more than 600 nominations from the public.

A panel has picked more than 50 to be listed on the site with pictures, videos and stories explaining their history.


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