10 Ways to make yourself a YouTube Star

Fight strangers in the street, do weird things with animals…

Δεν γνωρίζω αν θα ενδιέφερε κανέναν να γίνει ένας Youtube star, για όποιους όμως ενδιαφέρονται.. στο The Register δημοσιεύεται έναν αρθρο με τον δεκάλογο της επιτυχίας για να πετύχετε τον σκοπό σας..

More importantly, it’s become the prime outlet for camcorder and cameraphone users to make an arse out of themselves, and win praise/wonder/disgust (delete as appropriate) from millions of their peers.

But what are the prime ingredients for YouTube success – what separates a viral hit from a barely-noticed miss? Poking around the top rated videos provides a few answers.


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