The ‘Reallionaire’ -Want to Be a Millionaire? Farrah Gray Says Ask Yourself Three Questions

He didn’t come from circumstances that lead many people to become millionaires, but Farrah Gray said determination and three simple questions could lead you down the path to wealth.

«Ask yourself three questions. First, what comes easy to me but harder to others? The second question is, what would you do for work for years and years and never have to get paid for it? And the third question is, how can you be of service and how can you give back? Because I always say, ‘If you’re here on Earth and you’re not living on the edge, you’re taking up too much room.'»

About Farrah Gray
Farrah Gray began contributing to his family’s financial support at the age of 6, and he made his first million by the time he was 14. His success made a lot of people change their thinking about where life in the projects of Chicago’s South Side could lead.

His head is shaved, and he now dresses impeccably in expensive, tailored suits when he goes to work in one of his offices in Las Vegas or New York; but he looks only slightly older than his age, which is 21. Part of what motivated him to begin earning money at such a young age was watching his mother work so hard.

Read about Farrah Gray @ ABC News


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