Stupid Cat vs Sick VidMan !

Sometimes the comments on a funny video can make you laugh more than the video itself.. For example:

Comments on the above video @ Youtube..

Omg that was sooo funny. I would love to know if it is a fake. Things for it being a fake are; (1) the cat just looks up for a second without following the thing round and then somehow jumps up without looking and catches whatever that is, (2) the cat jumps of the cusion and it does not move at all, (3) there is a definite shadow on the sofa so why isnt there one on the wall?

I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t be able to tell when that cat was going to fly off and be able to follow it till it hit the wall, (5) there is flaring on the curtain in the last frame but it just doesn’t look right, now im just being picky but (6) that cat purrs really loud, not unheard of but i dunno, (7) does the fan rotate faster than the cat? hard to tell with such low fps

(8) I feel like I have heard those cat screams before (maybe its just the standard «help me Im stuck to this ceiling fan please help me!» response), (9) the fan doesnt even slow down when the cat is hanging from it, most ceiling fans you can easily stop with your hand so how heavy is a cat? 3kgs? at a radius of about 1.5m thats a rotational inertia of 6.75kgm^2 which is about the same as a bowling ball from a radius of 1m. Does this mean its a fake? No but I surely have my doubts

call the SPCA this guy should be locked up!!! sick vid man its no fake.

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  2. It’s a very funny and entertaining blog. It ‘s really better to see blogs that could entertain you especially during bad hair days. Keep us entertianed all the time. Thanks

  3. Lady J'Anne

    What a craziest blog why this poor kitty doing wildest and horrible things to this? Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha…… I can’t stop laughing like mad as HELL!!! Thank ya very much and I love your awesome clip! LOL!

  4. That is just wrong!

    But funny!

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