Creep De Radiohead !

I’m a Creep: the world’s shortest autobiography

By Laith Bahrani |

The Creep animation took 3 months to make, and contains over 1 million keyframes. I know this because I counted them. I counted them because I made the animation and delivered every one of those baby keyframes.

Creep was created as an escape from a lot of negative stuff going on around me at the time. My job as a senior designer in a multimedia agency was well paid and comfortable, but it was also killing meh. Every day spent in the run down converted office, churning out banal multimedia and animation for faceless, lifeless, clueless blue-chips was taking its toll on my soul.

So that kick-started a series of animation reflecting the despair that myself and other peeps in the office felt. The central character is a little guy who gets yapped at by co-workers so much, that eventually he just tops himself to escape the situation. In a twisted way, the animations were probably a cathartic exorcism of the sub-conscious suicidal tendencies my life situation was stirring…either that or I just wanted to take the piss out of the sales force.

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  1. Amazing! Really good video I’ll have to find out more about it.


  2. I found a few things more about that amazing video..
    The post updated 😉 N’joy..

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