TrekStor i.Beat organix Gold – Το ακριβότερο mp3 player

TrekStor - Most expensive MP3 Player of the world

Το i.Beat organix Gold είναι το ακριβότερο mp3 player που κυκλοφορεί τη στιγμή αυτή από την Γερμανική Trekstor με τιμή 20.000€. Διαθέτει 2GB εσωτερική μνήμη, FM tuner, SRS WOW sound enhancement, line-in recording και η χρυσή του θήκη, 18 καρατίων, είναι διακοσμημένη με 63 διαμάντια. Δείτε το video παρακάτω..

TrekStor, the German leading manufacturer of MP3 players, wants to address an especially demanding clientele with the world`s most luxurious MP3 player. The TrekStor MP3 player i.Beat organix Gold is cast in 18 carat 750 gold, adorned with 63 one carat diamonds and possesses an exquisite chain embellished with an aquamarine.
Jewelers Wenthe in Mannheim/Germany put over 100 hours of pains-taking handiwork into the exquisite gadget.

Interested consumers will be able to see it live over the coming months at Saturn, Media Markt and others in Germany and Spain and also buy it for 19.999 euro. The i.Beat organix Gold will be exhibited in a specially designed glass display cabinet and protected by professional bodyguards.

That video was recorded at MediaMarkt Castellón, Valencia Spain, and appeared at «En Conexió» Canal9, on 02.11.2006

Trekstor - i.Beat organix Gold




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